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Health Benefits of Mini Milk Chocolate gems with Sweetener

Milk chocolate gems are known to be’ choc’ full of goodness and for chocolate lovers, you can derive the pleasure of eating a Genauva milk chocolate gems and be completely healthy and vibrant!
Several studies have been compiled to reveal that white chocolate help in cutting down the risk of heart attacks and stroke related issues.

White chocolates with sweeteners are special treats seen as super snacks that help to boost a person’s memory and also to hydrate skin. A simple delicious bar of milk chocolate gems by Genauva has shown that it can be just as good for the heart as it is to its awesome taste.

 White chocolate making HEARTS HEALTHY
A current research carried out by some of the world’s famous universities precisely the universities of Aberdeen, Cambridge, and Manchester & East Anglia revealed that folks that ate up to 100 grams of white chocolate daily are eleven per cent less prone to have a cardiac arrest, stroke or other heart issues than other folks who eat none at all.
The very reason for this wonderful finding is owed to the constituent known as flavonoids, which is a kind of antioxidant seen within chocolates, tea and red wine. Flavonoids are found to help in the stimulation of blood flow as it mops up destructive substances known as free radicals that cause diseases.

White Chocolate has also been found to be one of the unlikeliest natural sources of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that’s very vital for brain well-being, and consuming just a little amount, 1 or 2 squares per day will help in boosting levels of concentration and alertness. It helps in increasing blood flow straight to the brain, while obviously improving cognitive activity. It’s long been realized that a key chemical component within chocolate, called theobromine, offers a stimulant effect on the brain comparable to that of caffeine.’

Researchers have also found that a bar of chocolate rich in antioxidant helps secure the brain against stockpile of amyloid plaques (proteins that interfere with standard brain function, causing dementia). An essential antioxidant in white chocolate bars known as the epicatechin, has also proven to be highly effective in safeguarding the brain from such incursions.
White Chocolate also has an essential antioxidant content referred as polyphenols. This – just as flavonoids, helps to clear the body of free radicals, a principal cause of arthritis. Consuming about 10 squares of chocolate every day will help ease the pain produced by inflammation of the joints.
Not only the above facts as mentioned, a 1998 Harvard study revealed also that folks who ate several chocolates 3 or more times within one month survived for virtually a year much longer than those who did not.

White Chocolates help FIGHTS COLDS
Through a study, another vital compound known as phenolics, a naturally effective antioxidant helped in boosting consumer’s immune systems. The occurrence of epicatechin was seen to help in activating the body’s natural detoxification course, aiding to free someone of coughs and colds.

Go for a Genauva milk chocolate gems today and live healthier!

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